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Brief description:

"Clean Tile Removal" = Clean Tile Removal

Clean tile removal started developing our method of floor tile removal out of the appearant need for better tile removal techniques. We believe our nearly dust free strategies for tile removal and installation will catch on with most quality floor tile demolition and floor tile installation companies. Cleanliness is always "key" with an excellent tile contractor.


  • Our method of "Clean" tile removal works!
  • Clean Tile Removal methods are better and faster than tradition tile removal methods!
  • Our tile removal process is smart and simple!
  • Our equipment does not clog!

Our company has been in contact with a good number of quality tile floor contractors around the country, from Florida to Hawaii! We believe in sharing our method on a grand scale, to better the industry not just our company. Not only is this good for business for all quality contractors, we know it will increase the awareness of clean tile removal as a whole, thus greatly benefitting you, the client.

Our company refuses to use shady tactics, lies and assumptions to win over clients! Instead we show our clients the simple and smart solution of clean tile removal. In return, our floor tile demolition service has been greatly recieved by our clients, so great that even though we advise our clients it would be best to leave their Air conditioning units off, many opt to leave them on during the demolition. That speaks volumes by itself!

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact us for further information.


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