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"Clean tile removal" is a service provided by ReTile. We are a tile contractor, in Mesa Arizona, that has succeeded in earning a great reputation with our customers. We have always been interested in keeping our jobsites clean. Although, keeping a floor tile removal and tile floor installation jobsite clean can be very tricky!

Almost everything a floor tile installer does ends up creating dust! The dust created is very dangerous. The biggest offender is called cyrstalline silica, silica dust is basically a small sand partical that, when breathed in often, can cause a medical condition called silicosis. Silicosis, as described to me, is like the process of an oyster forming a pearl. The oyster takes in a small sand particle and it's reaction is to cover that sand particle with a hard layer, like the outside of it's shell. The process keeps repeating until a pearl is formed. This is basically the same process your lungs do when a silica particle reaches them. The lungs build layer after layer over the silica in an attempt to protect itself from the particle. There is not currently a treatment for silicosis.

It is our goal to keep the dust on EVERY jobsite to a minimum. This goal is to protect us, the workers, from inhaling the dust every day. This goal also is to the benifit of our clients, their home is treated with the highest of respect!

Again, we are excited to be able to offer our service of clean tile removal to our clients, not only for their homes sake, but for our health as well!


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